Fleece Ponchos

Made For Monsterz

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Ponchos are the perfect winter accessory. Layer them on top of winter coats for an added layer or wear on top of one of our hoodies for quick trips out the house!

Our ponchos are perfect for using in car seats as they go over the straps of the car seat like a blanket. Lift the back up over the head rest for a smooth, comfortable ride! No need to take on and off like bulky winter coats!

Our ponchos are made with a second layer of LuXe fleece to make them extra soft and warm and also reversible.



Turn around time:2-4weeks



***Made for Monsterz ponchos have not be crash tested with any car seats or vehicles, please follow your car seat manual guidelines concerning after market products. We are not liable for any harm or damages while wearing our ponchos. They do not attach or alter the car seat or straps in any way but please consult with your car seat company if you are unsure about our product.***

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