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This listing is to purchase your fabric and guarantee an item of your choice with the fabric.

This is a NONREFUNDABLE deposit. 

Do not use rep codes or discounts on this listing. You will be able to apply codes to your final invoice. 

This Preorder will Close on May 17th at midnight. 

This preorder has a 8-12 week turnaround time total. 6-8 weeks to arrive to me and 2-4 weeks for me to sew your item. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO WAIT 8-12 WEEKS FOR YOUR ITEM! 

How this preorder will work:

1)Select the Fabric choice you would like. Purchase however many spots you would like for the number of items you would like. (Example if you want a pair of shorts and a hooded tank you will need to purchase 2 spots.)

2) I will order fabric from my supplier. It will then be shipped to me.

3) When fabric is enroute to me, I will contact each person to finalize what items they would like made and what size. I will send a Shopify invoice for the item(s) and shipping minus the $20 deposit. You will have 2 weeks to pay for this invoice. 

4) Your monster gear will be shipped to you to enjoy!